Monarch v2 Process Pieces, Printed Circuit Board, Leather Work, Printed Textile
Monarch is a wearable and muscle-activated kinetic textile. It consists of textile forms attached to the shoulders that expand and contract in response to the movement of the wearer's muscles. By physically extending natural body language, Monarch explores how wearable technologies can be used as a form of personal expression, as well as how and when they can begin to feel like a visceral extension of self.
The Prosthetic Technologies of Being project is a collaboration between the Social Body Lab at OCAD University and Jamie Sherman, funded by Intel Research.
This project explores ways in which technologies can feel like an extension of self. Through the development of a series of three prototypes we have explored how technology can extend our ability to sense our surroundings and express our emotions in a visceral way.
FUNDING: Intel Research
Sometimes we need secret codes to communicate with our friends, partners, or colleagues while in the company of a larger group of people: a nudge, a cough, a scratch of the nose; something that says “save me from this conversation”, “let’s get out of here”, or “I'm thinking of you”.  What if our clothing could communicate these messages for us? 
FUNDING: FedDev Ontario Applied Research Initiative - Arc 2
SoMo Arm Band
SoMo is a discreet wearable device that generates real-time sound through body movement. Wearing SoMo is a playful, interactive experience that inspires creative movement. It’s easy to wear, simple to use and can be applied within the fields of education, physical therapy and the performing arts.
FUNDING: FedDev Ontario Applied Research Initiative - Arc 2

The Vega Edge is easy to use and versatile. Made with laser-cut leather, it snaps securely to your clothes using four strong magnets. It has a thin strip of retro-reflective fabric integrated into the design for added visibility. You can wear it discreetly by day or brightly at night on your coat, cardigan, hood, scarf, handbag, collar, pocket, belt, or wherever you’d like a touch of light.
FUNDING: FedDev Ontario Applied Research Initiative - Arc 2
Limber is a system of wearable, sensor-enabled components and game-like desktop software, designed to reduce repetitive stress injury among knowledge workers.
An accelerometer attached the wrist transmits wireless information of arm movement via an Xbee radio to a second Xbee radio attached to a computer running Arduino and Processing programs provided here. As the wearer raises their arms, a cheer is heard.  As the wearer claps, the sound of hundreds of others clapping is heard.
FUNDING: Corus Seed Grant
Super Heroes shouldn’t always have to save the world all on their own.  Occasionally they need to call on their Super Hero friends for a little back up.
The Superhero Communicator Cuffs enable brave souls to call on their partners in a time of need. This tutorial demonstrates how to send and receive wireless signals without the use of microcontrollers or programming.  You will learn how to configure Xbee radios, build a basic soft circuit, and work with conductive thread and conductive fabric.
FUNDING: Corus Seed Grant