Within Canada a rather functional, numeric approach in the production of space prevails. We believe a more holistic approach in space design is needed to enable people to deal with today’s challenges in the fields of health & wellness, creativity, learning and productivity. The Ambient Experience Lab aims to make spaces and places more meaningful experiences for people. Our design research starts with a deep understanding of people’s social, emotional and cultural needs. Based on these insights we design ambient experiences that may incorporate digital technologies (lighting, image, sound, scent and connectivity) and architectural solutions.


Working with our research partners, we identify the challenge at hand and frame the question that will guide the research opportunity. Together, we define research project scope, approach and deliverables based on our process.


We immerse ourselves in a place by conducting historical and cultural research as well as in depth site and best practices audits. Using a range of research tools tailored to the challenge, we engage different stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations through interviews, observations and co-analysis workshops. Based on the identified insights, we synthesize findings in a design brief, the starting point for creative design research.


Using a variety of strategic creativity techniques we define, develop and detail a range of desired ambient experiences in workshop sessions with our research partners. We filter, select and validate design results based on our research hypothesis and agreed criteria for success. The outputs are 2D and 3D visualizations of the final desired experience.


We mock up the most promising concept designs in a range of passive and interactive prototypes, scale models, real size installations to test if the desired ambient experiences are being realized. Based on iterative testing and prototyping, we work with our research partners towards final solutions.


At each stage of the process we evaluate both process and intermittent deliverables of the research project. We actively disseminate our research results in academic and professional journals relevant to both the Ambient Experience Lab and our research partners. We invite all stakeholders to contribute to this process.